Sunday, August 28, 2011

Earthquake Wake Up Call

August 23, 2011

Like everyone else from New York to North Carolina the Poor Clares had some excitement this afternoon. Mother Abbess reports: We were all doing the dishes when everything began to move underfoot. I wondered if something was exploding in the basement or there was some construction nearby. Postulant Kimberly from California said, "This is nothing", and Postulant Joscelyn said, "This is soo cool!"  That's youth for you!  I said, "We just built this monastery and I don't want it coming down nor anyone dying either!"  That's middle age responsibility.  We thank God there was no damage to us or anyone else that we know of.  A good priest friend called to see how we were doing in the earthquake.  I was grateful for his concern and also for the news.  It seems we are quite near the epicenter.  He said we should take all these kind of events as a communication:  shake up, wake up!  In the Gospel today, Jesus calls to task the Pharisees who are good at keeping all the little rules they have made up so as to avoid having to do the great commandments of the law.  They have made their religion into a way of controlling their lives and an attempt to manipulate God.  We "good Catholics" are always in danger of doing the same.  But an earthquake is a very visceral reminder that we are not in control.  So let us put aside all our pettiness and get down to the business of really serving God with everything we have and loving one another as He has loved us.  Let's do it before the next earthquake strikes!  You never know.

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